It’s all about ME!

It’s all About ME!

me ME

if you could map out the human mindset, ME would pretty much fill the space available. The 21st century is all about the SELF, what we like, dislike, who we are, what people think of us are the only things we think about.
bad things


good things
(we never truly appreciate any of these until they’re in threat)

Mindfulness – suggests all these aspects are only perspectives, meaning we can be free from bad or good things as we choose. This does provide some peacefulness, though without feeling good or bad things do we become lifeless, almost sterile?

Escapism/Experience – Most people use escapism to deal with the ME good bad mostly in the form of alcohol, tv. Escapism is closely linked with us wanting to Experience. Drugs and alcohol give us an out of body/normal experience leading to escapism. Just as our constant search for a good film/programme, holiday view is our ambition to Escapism/Experience from our routine. We want to travel everywhere to experience new things, a constant drive to expand our knowledge, an insatiable feeling. Whats the difference between a beach and a tip?

Knowledge – we think that the more we understand, the greater we’ll escape the ME battle. Science and philosophy are attempting to extract the same discovery. A greater understanding of ME.

ART – is the combination and result of all these aspects combined in an aesthetic beauty. Beauty from horror, horror from beauty.

ME – We don’t actually care what someone else actually thinks of us, we care more of how we think what they might think of us. As perspective means there is no truth, we only care what we think of ourselves regardless. are we ugly, pretty, good, bad, stylish, sexy, good enough, successful, thin enough, curvy enough, living a great life, cleaver, caring. Of course we all know social media mostly exists to broadcast our success in these things. Social networks are Look at Me! This is what I Like, I Dislike, carefully curated to create an impression of ME. Of course there was a time before Social Networks, no really, hard to imagine, but the ME game existed in other forms such as what I wear, how i look, work, said, how I said it, what I have, long before modern advertising and television. Look at Me’s are also a handy mass communication device where we can also Escape our routine and also feel like being on the cusp of gaining more knowledge. Mostly its a place to keep track of ME, by judging other peoples carefully created exhibition of themselves, so I can re-evaluate how I am doing by how others are doing, but I don’t actually care what they are doing, its all about what I think they might think of me, not what they actually do think of me, i’m too self-absorbed.

Self-narrative – We mostly want the same things, well, to exhibit we have and do these things. That we look a certain way, being beautiful, fast cars, big houses, winning, experiencing travel, adventures all fit into a narrative we set ourselves of what we want to be and to get! Of course, we often find when we win the lottery money can only support the ego so far. Achieving beauty is riddled with trying to keep it and wondering if people still believe it. Having your dream job isn’t as good as you expect. But still our self-narrative drives for these things, believing this will settle the Me battle of what you think of yourself based on what you think others think of you. But remember you don’t actually care what others think, you care more about what you think others think. There is no truth of what people think so you have to assume.

The truth is we can’t see past ourselves anymore, ME clouds everything we do. More importantly in the 21st century Me clouds everything we think. I would even say its more important than being rich.

Cliche time – As long as you’ve got your health, its all that matters. And a reasonable amount of liberty.